ICR 8000 Ion Channel Reader

Invaluable for ion channel screening, the ICR 8000 detects ion channel activity using atomic absorption spectroscopy and flux assays. Current applications include the evaluation of the hERG potassium channel more quickly, more precisely and more accurately than other medium to high throughput ion channel screening systems. Interactions with the hERG channel can lead to prolonged QT syndrome, thus, regulatory agencies require the assessment of QT liability.

The ICR 8000 displays broad utility; it can be applied to assess both voltage-gated (hERG, BK/SK, Kv1.1, 1.4, 1.5, KCNQ, 2P,etc.) and ligand-gated (KATP, nAChR, etc.) ion channels allowing researchers to accelerate drug development efforts in the treatment and prevention of diseases associated with ion channels.
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  • Medium Throughput: Up to 5000 wells/day
  • Single Channel: Measures 1 sample at a time
  • Minimum sample volume: 50 µl
  • Accommodation: 96/384-well microplates
  • Footprint: H.67 cm X W.55 cm X D.37 cm
  • Fuel Source: Acetylene / Compressed Air
  • Options: Plate Stacker / Bar Code Reader
  • Sensitivity: 0.05 ppm detection limit
  • Precision: